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There are a whole host of reasons to set the video to record 'The Man with the Golden Gun' at 23:15 tonight on ITV1, but the chief one for me is to see that glorious corkscrew car jump again.
- Jamie

I too have a little film to push this weekend @_CarolMorley… (YouTube, not Netflix🙁)

I’d love to know what you think 🤔

…any chance of a share..?

It’s been a while since a Marvel movie piqued my interest as much as this…👇👇👇

One for the #MoJo's...
@GlenBMulcahy @philipbromwell @eleanormmannion @MikeCastellucci @MarcSettle @Rob_Layton @corinne_podger @MOJOGEAR @TwanSpierts @photojack
@Shoulderpod @PolarProUSA @rodemics @Sennheiser


600 tiny pictures
10 years of work
1 bridge
And someone wants rid of them..!

Perfect Friday afternoon viewing...
9 minutes of Ben Wilson, Chewing Gum Man.

#MadeOnAMobile #PlayfulComms
#StreetArt #CommunityArt

Essentially, when #AI can create something original, something we've never, ever, seen before, I'll be impressed.

These Elvish Spider Riders and what not are drawn from existing material that wasn't earned...

..did no one see Jurassic Park..?!

Thank you so much for the kind comments and the share..! 😁📱🎬⭐️

Wow! Thank you so much Phyllis… 😶

..makes up for missing Ben’s chat with Dustin Hoffman while I was on the phone to you getting feedback on the cancer tapestry film. True story!🤷🏼‍♂️

@OnTheSuperFly Jon. This is a masterpiece. Very much à la @MikeCastellucci which is who we would all aspire to be. It is a beautiful sensual story. Bravo. 🙌 🙌🙌

Thanks to @MikeCastellucci for his feedback on an earlier edit I think this is a better film… 🙏🙏

Thanks Brendan 🙏🙏

How old am I that my childhood classics are being remade..?!

Totally up for it though… especially if it means people search out the Gilliam-original👏👏👏

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