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This is going to be well worth a watch...

A photo walk with @photojack!
#JackHollingsworth shows us how street photography's done... #MadeOnaMobile

@Mobile_Creators Training Day, London 2022
#MoJoFest #PlayfulComms

While I love telling my own story of, over the past 10 years, shooting 1 million iPhone photos, on 10 different devices, in 50 countries of the world, on Saturday live stream with @mobiography @fotopunctuation @GlenBMulcahy I'd love to touch on topics and themes for you? Input?



Message or comment if you’re interested… 😁📱🎬⭐️

@noticketfees sign up later today…
#MadeOnAMobile #PlayfulComms

Need inspiration for your 72 Hour Edit Contest entry? Then check out the 24 Hour Edit Contest winning video from earlier this year. @OnTheSuperFly

#EditingContest #LumaFusion

One for @GolfDigest...

@TheOpen 150 in 3 Words!
#StAndrews #MadeOnAMobile

Dear @rodemics

Not sure if you get many queries in this regard but, in case someone asks…

The Interview Go windshield is NOT dog proof.

Many thanks


Is it me or (since yesterday) is #Batgirl the most hotly anticipated DC movie since the Snyder Cut?

If anyone hears of #Waterboys tickets for Glasgow (Fri 5 Aug) please let me know...

@KelvingroveArt @KGBandstand @MickPuck @WaterboysMusic

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