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The “Action Movie FX” app is still available in the App Store and great fun for entertaining the kids…

Here’s one I made over seven years ago…

“The Indestructibles”

#MadeOnAMobile #PlayfulComms

Thanks so much for sharing 😎📱🎬⭐️

How great my recent trip to London was to attend @mojofestival and hang with some of the brightest minds in mobile @jobyinc @ReeflexCamera @GlenBMulcahy @fotopunctuation @mobiography @OnTheSuperFly @CScottVideo @MalMccann @MikeCastellucci @MarcSettle @TheAppWhisperer

I'm really excited to announce that this year's Mobiography Awards is now open for submissions. Join us on our first Youtube live show for this season

Week 25 of #MadeOnAMobile52

“Local Hero - Making a Scottish Classic” with @jon_melville

Shot in Pennan in May, 40yrs Ed from when LH was being shot…

Exclusive: Kate Bush reacts to her chart-topping success with #RunningUpThatHill.

@KateBushMusic joined @emmabarnett to react to getting to Number One, after it was featured in @Netflix’s #StrangerThings. Listen to the full interview here:

ICYMI: In numbers this video has the most views in the least amount of time ever on my channel...
..the art of #streetphotography especially that using an #iPhone seem to have struck a chord!

Panel 30 Bannockburn, full of action and history, and quite astounding needlework, chainmail, horsehair, metal and clothing come vividly to life across the centuries #tapestry #creative #embriodery #stitching #skill #heritage #storytelling

Everybody knows that when it comes to music vinyl is cool and CDs have no soul... so where does that leave the cassette?

"The As and Bs before CDs" for #WorldMusicDay

Made with a little help from my friends...

Brendan Ó Sé (@fotopunctuation)
“To see what can be seen and how to see it”
Featuring @MalMccann @mobiography & @photojack

#Photowalk #MoJoFest @mojofestival @Mobile_Creators #MadeOnAMobile52 Week24

Off to #glastonbury @Glasto later this week so I thought I would do a little #countdown set of images - in no particular order of images I have taken over the years

No comment - no description - just how I have seen the #festival


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