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Hockney proving the power of #MadeOnAMobile

I don't own many artworks, but this little lithograph was one of the first I saved up to buy from my own print sales when starting out. John Byrne's 'Moonstruck' is one of the first things I see every day. It's a continual source of inspiration. It will be for years to come 🖤

Hey @FilmicPro... I can't find the #FilmicFest page on your website. Links appear to be broken..?!

Let it snow ❄️❄️

D1VER on ice, with fresh frosty’s falling across Switzerland 🇨🇭🤿🥶

#AsColdAs #Coldplay #Neige #Suisse #Watch

St Andrew's day... my first in England for 30 years.
I sahot many times in St Andrews... but this was the most fun:

@VisitStAndrews @welcometofife @FifeCouncil @HomeofGolfTours @RandA @OldCourseHotel @GeorgeGregan

Good morning Britain!

It’s a surgery kind of morning… @DJIGlobal

True story from earlier this year…

Me, to young person behind the counter of a hardware store: “Are there any stereo stores in town?”

Young person (tentatively): “I’m sorry… I don’t know what that is.”

Would anyone like to buy a Gram-o-phone?

Good morning.

I'm pleased to be speaking at #SoundsAmazing23 on 7 Dec. The free online event from @BBCAcademy & @BBCRD will focus on the latest in AI audio, personalised sound tech, innovation & creativity.
You can register for a free ticket here (BBC + non-BBC people):

From our dear friend @tonyhusband1: "A poem for my dad who lived with bloody #dementia."

#Alzheimers #poetry

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