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Anyone interested in a Mobile Creator kit? It’s served me well but I’ve upgraded to 15ProMax and the Tilta Khronos now. DM me with an offer if interested. 🙏🏻

The Sun reminding the Moon who’s boss!😉😁☀️

Alert! The sky decided to dress in its fiery best this morning! A stunning red gown for the sunrise. Absolutely breathtaking.
Orleans, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. #sunrise #redsky #capecod

Almost a year on, few of my films have as many views — none have as many emotional comments…

“Local Hero: 40th Celebrations”

@jon_melville @cinetopia #LocalHero

On this day in 1975, Ralph McQuarrie completes a concept painting of "Imperial Troopers in Death Star Corridor." The painting shows a storm trooper with a laser sword. At this time in development, laser swords (later known as lightsabers) were not only used by the Jedi. - Mike.

First AI generated short film I've seen that has an idea and a narrative flow to it.

Hail… the size of M&Ms..!
@bbcweather #Kenilworth #Warwickshire #MadeOnAMobile


England's largest natural lake, and World Heritage site, could be putting swimmer health at risk, say campaigners.

Lake Windermere’s waters are classed as “excellent” by the Environment Agency, but critics say the testing regime isn’t up to the job.

Join @photojack next November in Cuba in an iPhone photography workshop and you will be able to take the best pictures from the rooftops in Havana, even breathaking time lapses… If you have doubts, @MarkStall can share his experience about the last one🙂🇨🇺

It’s a beautiful Spring day out there.

Cancer doesn’t care who you are

The Juice is loose...

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