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Sunset at the Queensferry Crossing.

30 years old and fresh as a daisy!

I know it's difficult for many of you to believe, but for my own iPhone photography, 99% of it is done with only 2 Apps-the native camera app for shooting and the native Photos app for editing. That's it. Done. @Apple

The story of @AndrewCrummy #Cancer Tapestry is told in this film by @OnTheSuperFly. It's a remarkable tale, brilliantly realised. My part in it is just to sketch the background from the #Craigmillar Festivals in #Edinburgh. @macmillancancer @PlanningMag

10 minutes of @PIXIES in Manchester...

Steven Spielberg on the value of studying classic films. Take a look at the greatest films of the past to see where the inspiration comes from with all the greatest filmmakers of today. What's your favorite classic film?

Credit: American Film Institute

Making waves 🌊

#SwissD1VER #SD1 1000m #Automatic #HeliumReleaseValve #WatchesandWonders2024 #Geneva #Switzerland🇨🇭🤿

New short… coming ‘very’ soon!
#ChewingGumMan #MadeOnAMobile

Anyone interested in a Mobile Creator kit? It’s served me well but I’ve upgraded to 15ProMax and the Tilta Khronos now. DM me with an offer if interested. 🙏🏻

The Sun reminding the Moon who’s boss!😉😁☀️

Alert! The sky decided to dress in its fiery best this morning! A stunning red gown for the sunrise. Absolutely breathtaking.
Orleans, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. #sunrise #redsky #capecod

Almost a year on, few of my films have as many views — none have as many emotional comments…

“Local Hero: 40th Celebrations”

@jon_melville @cinetopia #LocalHero

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