16:9 Vs 9:16

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16:9 Vs 9:16

Of course it’s all about the platforms and closing the format for where the content is going to live. Although there’s an argument for choosing the appropriate platform for the story but presumably you’re an adult and can make these decisions for yourself.

I just wanted to share a video where I have transferred a 16:9 to a 9:16

I’ve seen it done and I’ve made comparisons of other people’s videos but I wanted to do my own so that I could in good conscience use it as a resource in #MadeOnAMobile learning.

So here you are – both the original videos and then a side by side comparison.

Thanks to Mike Castellucci for his time in recording the interview with me at MoJoFest last month. You can find him on YouTube under hi name and find some amazing stores that he captures on his iPhone.

How do you feel about horizontal Vs vertical? (Is it a nuisance that you now have to make content for both ratios?)

Do you focus on one and ignore the other? (That’s what I do…)

Will it ever be resolved? (cross shaped phones that accommodate both?)

Keen to know your thoughts…

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