Design Centre, Clerkenwell, Central London

EH Smith Design Centre graphic

Design Centre, Clerkenwell, Central London

Back in December ’21 I spent a couple of days in at EH Smith Architectural Solutions‘ Design Centre in Clerkenwell, central London.

B&Q this is not… it’s a ‘brick boutique’ for engineers, architects and designers as well as any member of the general public who wants to see what’s on offer for the construction projects these days.

So it was very cool to work with John and Matthew in planning and capturing footage for a number of outputs which will emerge over the coming weeks…. including a tour and interview with the centre’s architect/designer lloyd spencer.

I was also very happy to meet Tec Tectons – a collective of artists/designers/architects who created the stunning window display which, I can only say must be seen to be believed… look out for chats with Marcin Chmura, Eric Wong and Michael Quach very soon.

Thanks to John and EH Smith for getting me involved in the project – in EHS’s centenary year no less – it’s great to have the first video out and I’m looking forward to sharing more from the trip very soon.

And if you’re ever in the area – regardless of whether you think your in the market for a new build of extension – just marvel at what’s on offer… as Stacey says in the film, “it’s wonderful”… the original sense of the word!

This video was shot in #FiLMiCPro on an iPhone 12 Pro Max and edited on the same phone in #LumaFusion. For more information on mobile film production and training please drop me a message via the contact page.

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