I’m Jon Gill, and I am Playful Communications!

I’m an award winning mobile filmmaker/ storyteller/ illustrator/ animator with a Masters in Design and over 30 years experience in the creative industries.


In 2010 I took a sideways step from more than 20 years of Graphic Design and Illustration and completed a Masters in Design. Documenting projects as short films was part of my process.

Long story short, filmmaking is a passion and these days people want lots of video for their websites and social media channels. So I help them do that either by making the videos or helping them to make the videos. I trained almost 400 people in 2019.



  • Besides the filmmaking (#MadeOnAMobile series of workshops) I also run a number of other communications related workshops:
    service design (I’ve been practicing in service design foremost 10 years and am adept at designing and facilitating collaborative, participative processes that will have your teams, clients, customers, stakeholders working productively together)
    social media (I develop strategies, explain trends and deliver surgeries (one-to-one)
  • Branding (personal and/or organisational – they’re both the same and I’ll show you how to get the most out of understanding and implementing your brand attributes)
  • Storytelling (for brands, filmmaking and 
  • social media – storytelling is the foundation of everything).
  • Get in touch if any of these subjects are of interest to you.



Besides the experience, festival awards and Master degree I also have a Post-Graduate Certificate in Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Higher Education. I have lectured regularly since 2010, and presented at national conferences on digital media, games-based learning and eAssessment