Adventures on Cape Cod

three images illustrating Cape Cod – photographer Jack Hollingsworth, Th Provincetown Dunes and Days Cottages, Truro

Adventures on Cape Cod

For two weeks in October I was on Cape Cod – the hook shaped peninsula on the east coast of the US south of Boston, Massachusetts.

I was there with photographer Jack Hollingsworth shooting his new iPhone photography course.

The trip was out of the blue – we’d previously discussed a European trip, maybe Venice in the spring and then in early September I got an email… what are you doing in October?

If you like beaches, seafood and getting up early to catch a sunrise then Cape Cod is a tremendous place and the ideal location for a photography course, especially when your guide, who spent all of his childhood summers there, I also the photographer and subject of your film. The Cape means a huge amount to Jack who now lives in Austin but visits several times a year. At least one of those visits includes his family and so his love for the Island is now cross-gererational.

But the was no holiday… these were long day covering almost every inch of the Cape and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. And probably for that reason I feel like I’m still processing the trip. I was slightly jpeg lagged for the majority as well as getting up early and going to bed late trying to keep on top of the mountains of footage.

I’ll probably share more once the course is released – in a few weeks all being well – but for now I’d like to share three #MadeOnAMobile52 episodes that I published in the last few weeks.

The first is Days Cottages. The area of the Cape has a really interesting history and not least for this row of holiday beach houses cottages which are now listed and carry certain conditions of use and decoration for the new private owners. I had shots in my head immediately and given that we only spent about an hour there they came off pretty well.

The second is just a montage of drone footage. I got to use the drone quite a bit on this trip and the quality of my shots improved immensely. I’m not saying they’re great, just great for me.

This final Cape Cod video (for now) is a sample of the approach we’re taking with this course… kind of like a travel documentary where the focus isn’t attractions or food bu photography… I can’t wait for you to see it!

I hope you enjoy.

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