Are there 2 ‘n’s in Pennan?

Pennan telephone box

Are there 2 ‘n’s in Pennan?

How many (and which) films have you seen more than 10 times?

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen “Local Hero” (1983) but it’s certainly more than 10.

Two and a half hours further up the Scottish east coast from where I am, from where I am, lies the village of Pennan. “Ferness” in the film.

It’s almost literally a hidden gem of a place and home to several friends Jonathan Melville and I made on our trip this week – Tuesday 3 May 2022.

It’s 40 years since the film crew were here in the spring of 1982 before its release in March 1983.

The reason for the visit? 

Curiosity on my part… I’d wanted to visit this location for ages – it’s such an integral part of the film. But Jon is in the process and writing a book on the making of the film (following his books on “Tremors” and “Highlander”) so what better travel companion than your own personal movie historian?!

This is just a taster… more will follow as we get closer to the release of Jon’s book later this year.

So, “Are there 2 ‘L’s in Dollar?”
Well there were definitely two nerds in Pennan…

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