Bertha Park High Official Opening

Bertha Park High Official Opening

Depute First Minister John Swinney MSP being interviewed by Mason, Bertha Park High
There’s only ONE first night…
ONE official launch…
ONE grand opening.

Just before Christmas I was invited to attend the Official Opening of Bertha Park, a brand new high school in Perthshire. I had previously worked with the staff and was honoured to be invited.

Mobile filmmaking training with Bertha Park media team

However, I’m like a spare part at these events… I won’t know many people and the ones I do know will be busy.

I’d rather be busy.

So I offered to help the students capture the event. After all, you only get one shot at an ‘official opening’ with the Depute First Minister John Swinney MSP in attendance. And what a media team I had…

Media Team for the Bertha Park Official Opening

They were so good that we got 2 short films edited and shared on social media within a few hours of the event – way ahead of the ‘official’ news outlets who attended. The power of #MadeOnAMobile. Bertha Park is particularly interesting to me because they are piloting a 1-to-1 scheme where every pupil has their own mobile device – in this case, an iPad – so lots of opportunities for exciting future projects.

But for now, here’s Mason (13) interviewing our Depute First Minister – a career in #mobilejournalism awaits…

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