Cancer Tapestry film goes live…

Rod, Andrew and Ron flank a Cancer Tapestry Panel in Edinburgh, February 2024

Cancer Tapestry film goes live…

On Saturday 3 February “A Good Thing To Do: Andrew Crummy’s Cancer Tapestry” was screened to an invited audience of 50+ people in Edinburgh… several took part in the film, there was family and friends, health care professionals, fundraisers and more…

It was a fantastic day that saw another 60+ people come in from the breezy Edinburgh streets to watch the film, view the tapestries, add a stitch or tow of their own and share stories,

There’s a long list of people to thank, not least of which is the stitchers without whom there would be no Cancer Tapestry, let alone a film worth watching.

I also have to thank Macmillan for financially supporting the film and Eleanor at Macmillan in particular who shared in the vision that Andrew, Ioanna, Rod and I had for the film and what it could do for the Cancer Tapestry project.

You can see photographs and hear from people who were there in this very complimentary article from the Edinburgh Reporter – again, my thanks to editor Phyllis Stephen who was a critical eye early in the editing process and for supporting the project even before we had funding. And then for attending on Saturday and taking pictures.

There are many others… you will find them in the credit at the end of the film once you’ve watched it 😉

Here’s the trailer and (for a limited time) the film:

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