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Selfie with Alexander McCall Smith

Cancer Tapestry

Edinburgh based author Alexander McCall Smith — a literary legend in his own lifetime…

Selfie with Alexander McCall Smith

📕 Well over 100 books to his name
📗 Published in more than 40 languages
📘 Sales of 40+ million worldwide 

But we didn’t discuss any of this.

In the story I’m telling he’s Gandalf.

He’s Glenda the good witch or Obi Wan Kenobi…

These are the “helpers” or “mentors”… their job is to enable the hero, to get them from A to B. Sometimes further.

Either way every story has a helper or mentor.

At least one…

I won’t go into detail but suffice to say a film about Andrew Crummy would be incomplete without a contribution from Mr McCall Smith!

And so I’m extremely grateful for his time yesterday. That’s one big piece of the puzzle in place. 

More coming soon…

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