Chewing Gum Man [TRAILER]

Poster for a short film about artist Ben Wilson the Chewing gum Man.

Chewing Gum Man [TRAILER]

If you’ve strolled across London’s Millennium Bridge, you might have noticed the vibrant, miniature artworks underfoot. These tiny masterpieces are the work of Ben Wilson – famously known as the Chewing Gum Man – who transforms discarded chewing gum into colourful, intricate pieces of art.

Ben’s unique journey began over a decade ago. Frustrated by the urban blight of chewed gum spots, he decided to turn them into something beautiful. Armed with acrylic paints and a knack for seeing potential where others see waste, Ben’s creations now span numerous London streets — Millennium Bridge in particular — turning mundane walks into artistic explorations with images most inspired by the people he meets while he’s working.

We’ve collaborate on a new short film about his work and the threat to remove his work from Millennium Bridge…


The film will be released in a few weeks – for now here’s a taste of what’s to come:


Shot on iPhone Pro Max

Edited on iPad Pro using #Lumafusion from LumaTouch 


Sound by Sennheiser and RØDE 

#Documentary #shortfilms #MadeOnAMobile #VideoProduction 

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