Cinematic Sandwichs

An AI representation of a cinematic sandwich – a rustic looking sandwich filled with lettuce, tomato, cheese and 35mm celluloid camera film

Cinematic Sandwichs

Surprisingly, catering and filmmaking are frighteningly similar!

And if the Gerwigs and Nolans of this world are serving up Michelin Star banquets, then I, Jon Gill of Playful Communications, offer you the humble sandwich. 

As we all know, there’s nothing wrong with a good sandwich. In fact, there are times where nothing else will do. I’m not talking supermarket meal deal – this is local village deli, made with love and home grown fresh.

What’s the story? 
– “All filling, no filler.”

How is it packaged?
– Whole-some or white-toast… the choice is yours, as long as you realise that once we’re done, it’s “a wrap”! 

I’ve been crafting cinematic sandwiches since 2011 and, #genuinely, all I use is my phone. 

I shoot, edit and share from a single mobile device. 

Apple or Android? – I do both!
Social media or silver screen? – I do both! – 

I’ve had screenings from Seattle to Sydney and several in between. 
Even bagged a couple of awards.

So, whether you need a packed lunch or a huge spread I can help you out without breaking the bank.

And for those who like to pack their own lunch, I can show you how.

#MadeOnAMobile is a tried and tested filmmaking programme completed by more than 1000 individuals from colleges and universities, small businesses, big organisations and comms teams across the UK. 

Even a surgeon.

What did they say?

“A confidence building introduction to both the art and technical aspects of making short films” 


#MadeOnAMobile a really fun and creative experience. Brilliant!”

Some of the organisations I have worked with in the 2020s:

Jack Hollingsworth, Texas

The V&A Design Museum, Dundee

EH Smith Architectural Solutions, Birmingham and East London

Scottish Enterprise 

The National Museum of Scotland

The Open University 

If you would like my help in capturing your event or training your team, visit my website, message me through LinkedIn or my contact page here on #PlayfulComms!

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