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    Thanks for coming Rach and for sharing your work… I’m glad it was useful!

    I have to say Tilly looks slightly less impressed 😬😁😉

    Thank you so much for the feedback – and for attending – it's always disconcerting doing 'part' of a workshop and so I'm glad there was value in it 😊📱🎬⭐️

    Fantastic Ian, that’s brilliant — thanks for coming!

    Live in 30 mins!
    I’m ready…
    ..are you..?!

    I’m sure it’s hilarious when you’re not repeatedly the “spouse”..?!😕😉

    Rod Hull and Emu smashing up the Blue Peter set, 1975

    25 hours until this happens… 25 of 40 places taken so there’s plenty of room and fun to be had learning about films #MadeOnAMobile…

    Chuffed with price/quality of new @BananaPrintUK business cards.

    Managed to condense “the content sandwich” (the #MadeOnAMobile video template resource) & rule of thirds as well as contact info…

    Looking forward to sharing with workshop attendees…



    Hands down, a highlight of 2022 was watching these two chaps work — @fotopunctuation & @photojack — @Mobile_Creators training day in May.

    Great to hear them in conversation now… @mobiography YouTube channel.


    Goodnight and may your God go with you.

    We're currently looking for a Head of Cinema and a HR Assistant to join the DCA team. If you think you'd be the right fit, we'd love to hear from you!

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