Coping with Covid

Coping with Covid

This is “Coping”…

2 weeks ago I made a video with mental health workers in NHS Tayside where they each shared a personal fear or concern but also how they are coping, getting by.

The point is to to help normalise the fears people have surrounding #Covid19. No doubt, to one extent or another, we all feel the same. And if sharing those fears was going to help the #healthcare profession I felt sure it would help everyone else. So I turned to the #LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter communities and asked them to send me videos.

Maybe being open and honest with each other is the best way to know we’re not alone in this?

Thanks so much to this group… the first eight to share their videos (In order of appearance), Lynne Martin, Kat Brown, Derek Mawhinney, Naomi Watson, Rachel Rayner, Chantal Mrimi, Robbie Handy, Shona Littlejohn.

My tag line is #MadeOnAMobile. This was made on ‘many’ mobiles.

However, in keeping with my regular workflow, all of the clips were transferred to my phone either by WeTransfer or What’sApp and edited in Apple iMovie for mobile. I also wrote and performed the music in GarageBand on my first gen iPadPro.

This project could run and run. I’ll edit these videos as long as you keep sending me clips – so if you’d like to take part – share your concerns and your ways of coping – then follow the instructions in the first video and get in touch.

Stay at home. Stay safe.

Can this idea be improved, extended, made better in any way?
Let me know. And share as far and wide as you like…

Tech spec: Edited on an iPhoneXR using Apple iMovie for mobile.
Original music created in GarageBand on 2018 iPadPro.

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