No two projects are ever the same. I would hope that whatever you have in mind will be different again. So, your project shouldn’t be ‘exactly’ represented by any of the films here. However I hope that what is here will help in-still some faith in my ability to help you realise your vision. 
Get in touch so that we can start crafting and creating together.

Intentional iPhoneography with Jack Hollingsworth (2022) 1 min 30 Sec

iPhoneography course, available now, here.

Shot on location in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA in October 2022.

This is the culmination of 40 years of professional photography – more than 10 of them exclusively on iPhone. Jack’s the man!

Andrew Crummy and The Cancer Tapestry (2022) 2 Mins 0 Sec

A teaser for the short documentary due in Autumn 2023. Andrew Crummy’s work continues to change lives, involving every day people in extraordinary projects.

The Great Tapestry of Scotland – brain child of Alexander McCall-Smith – is the biggest public art project ever to be undertaken and, if anything, his life new project, the Cancer Tapestry, could be bigger still.

Supported financially by a combination of private donations and Macmillan Cancer Support, this film aims to raise awareness of the Cancer Tapestry project: the voices, the stories and the stitches… not to mention the future and how you can be involved.

Brendan Ó Sé – To see what can be seen and how to see it (2022) 2 Min 16 Sec

In this short video portrait of street photographer and educator, Brendan shares his philosophy for photography and experiential education.

Filmmaking Workshop with Worldwide Cancer Research (2022) 2 Min 2 Sec

Curious to know what you’d experience in a filmmaking workshop that only uses mobile phones and tablets?

In this short you’ll find footage and feedback of a 2022 #MadeOnAMobile workshop with the comms and marketing team from Worldwide Cancer Research, Edinburgh.

A Perfectly Healthy Situation (2019) 5 min 0 Sec

#FiLMicFest “Made On Mobile” (shot & edited on mobile) Award Winner 2019
“Best Documentary” Winner at Dublin Smartphone Film Festival January 2020

A celebration of celluloid. Captured at Dundee’s DCA cinema with Chief Projectionist Ian Banks. 
Shot on iPhone Xr using FiLMiCPro camera app; sound via Shure MV88+; edited on iPadPro using LumaFusion.

“Movie Makers” Summer Camp, Perth (2019) 2 Min 20 Sec

Typical of learning camps for kids which I’ve done for all ages and for varying periods of time (1 day – 3 days) – the learning usually revolves around a theme and culminates in a final “film festival” presentation to families on the last day. Could be adapted into a variety of configurations so send me your ideas… 

What Keeps You Well – “Over the Hills” (2019) 2 Mins 20 Sec

Captured very opportunistically as I passed this group meeting outside of a cafe in Stirling. I stopped and asked to film them and they obliged. I’m interested in the ways in which people keep themselves well and for this group of retirement aged cyclists it involves chat, coffee and cake!

“Local Hero” 40th Anniversary celebrations, Pennan (2023) 12 Min 29 Sec 


This one I did for fun… a memento of two visits Pennan including being involved in the 40th celebrations where I got to capture conversations with the cast. 

A love letter to Local Hero, a film I’ve watched over and over since I first saw it on Channel 4 in the mid 80s.


The Design Workshop for EH Smith Architectural Solutions (2023) 0 Min 50 Sec 

Coming to Digbeth, Birmingham in 2024…. EH Smith tease  an exciting new venture in partnership with Howells Architects…

Joining Together for a Good Life – Design Jam (2023) 4 Min 29 Sec


Three day Service Design event in Perth & Kinross bringing  together people from across Perth & Kinross to explore ways 

to create better day opportunities for people with Learning Disabilities.

Open Close Movie (2018) 59 Min 53 Sec


(Documentary) Why develop a grass-roots street art project, that, by it’s very nature, is hidden away? Open Close Movie has been described as “funny”, “warming” and “uplifting”. It was projected on Screen 1 at Dundee Contemporary Arts cinema on 19 May 2018.