No two projects are the same and I would hope that whatever you have in mind for your project won’t be represented exactly by something here – I’m always looking to create something new. However I hope that what is here will help you have some faith in my ability to help you realise your project and get in touch so that we can start crafting it together.

A Perfectly Healthy Situation (2019) 5 minutes


#FiLMicFest “Made On Mobile” (shot & edited on mobile) Award Winner 2019
“Best Documentary” Winner at Dublin Smartphone Film Festival January 2020


A celebration of celluloid. Captured at Dundee’s DCA cinema with Chief Projectionist Ian Banks.
Shot on iPhone Xr using FiLMiCPro camera app; sound via Shure MV88+; edited on iPadPro using LumaFusion.

What Keeps You Well – “Over the Hills” (2019) 2 Mins 20 Sec


Captured very opportunistically as I passed this group meeting outside of a cafe in Stirling. I stopped and asked to film them and they obliged. I’m interested in the ways in which people keep themselves well and for this group of retirement aged cyclists it involves chat, coffee and cake!

Technology Managament (2018) 1 Min 40 Sec


Two day training in Wolverhampton. This is typical of what I do for organisations looking to create a sustainable video workflow for training, social media and internal comms.

Title Here

Footage and feedback from a #MadeOnAMobile workshop for Open University staff in Edinburgh.

What Dose a Film #MadeOnAMobile Look Like?


Footage and feedback from a #MadeOnAMobile workshop for Open University staff in Edinburgh.It’s what people want to know… is the quality good enough? Does it look like I made it on my phone? Is the quality good enough? – Well, decide for yourself – all of the clips here were shot on iPhone 6, 10Xr and iPadPro over the last few years and edited in iMovie.

“Movie Makers” Summer Camp, Perth (2019) 2 Min 20 Sec

Typical of learning camps for kids which I’ve done for all ages and for varying periods of time (1 day – 3 days) – the learning usually revolves around a theme and culminates in a final “film festival” presentation to families on the last day. Could be adapted into a variety of configurations so send me your ideas… 

College Development Network – College Expo (2019) 2 Min 16 Sec


It’s not uncommon for me to be asked to capture an event and while I’ll be Tweeting and Instagram-ing content throughout the day I’ll put together a summary not unlike this one to capture the essence of the event. Again, the style, tempo, aesthetic will vary according to the project and client but hopefully from this you get a sense of what’s possible…

MoJoFest (2019) 2 Min 10 Sec 


As above but this one I did for fun…

College Development Network – College Awards (2018) 3 Min 9 Sec 


“Award season” provides plenty of opportunity to share the joy and excitement of hard work and recognition. If you’d like to add more value to your evening I have a proposition… …let me capture those priceless moments on video. You’ll see here, from the ‘rush’ to the stage, the tears and the sound bites, there’s a lot to “like” on social media.

Life Changes Trust – Home and Belonging (2018) 4 Min 43 Sec


Two day Service Design event in Dundee – idea generating to improve services for care experienced young people in Scotland for Life Changes Trust – event designed and facilitated by Open Change.

Open Close Movie (2018) 59 Min 53 Sec


(Documentary) Why develop a grass-roots street art project, that, by it’s very nature, is hidden away? Open Close Movie has been described as “funny”, “warming” and “uplifting”. It was projected on Screen 1 at Dundee Contemporary Arts cinema on 19 May 2018.