Get out of the way… and collaborate!

Get out of the way… and collaborate!

Are you collaborative?

Is your organisation?

We often say we are, but are we really? Do we ‘get in the way’ of the process?

Filmmaking, in theory, is a collaborative process. But like so many working partnerships (teams, institutions, organisations) some productions are bound to be more collaborative than others.
So often the tone is set from the top, but that’s not to say others can’t have an impact.
However, regardless of the leadership position you find yourself in – manager, team-leader, movie director – you could do a lot worse than take the advice of Hollywood musical legend Stanley Donen (Funny Face, On The Town, Singing in the Rain), as he collected his Academy Award (Oscar) for Life Achievement aged 72.
In a nutshell, he suggested we ‘hire great people and then get out of the way!
You know what, it’s a lot more showbiz-y, fun and entertaining the way he says it… watch in full below – and have a great Friday!

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