Instagram are leaning into video…

Instagram are leaning into video…

Instagram are leaning into video…

When a company as big as Instagram states their intention to “lean into video” then take notice!

You don’t currently make videos? Doesn’t matter.
Not on Instagram? Not the point…

This latest video is my assessment of Adam Mosseri’s announcement for any person, business or organisation that posts, Tweets or blogs!

“Mobile-first video” is coming for you and this is what you can do about it..!

Watch the video or read the transcript below:

Did you see the announcement from #Instagram* about “leaning into video”?

[Excerpt from Adam Mosseri’s Instagram post]

Maybe you or your organisation are not on Instagram so you think it’s not about you, but actually, if, like me, you spend time reaching out to your networks, communities and customers through blogs, Tweets, posts on LinkedIn, it’s time to start thinking strategically about how you take advantage of this opportunity.

What you think about the “change” on Instagram is neither here nor there. I was never a fan of Snap Chat stories, but that didn’t stop Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn adopting their own version of the same idea.

So when a company as big as Instagram (which already facilitates video in a variety of ways) decides to “lean into video”, there’s going to be an impact and we’ll all feel it.

Adam Mosseri used the term “mobile-first video”… that’s video designed specifically for mobile. What I can do is teach you to create content ‘on mobile, for mobile’!

#MadeOnAMobile is 10 years old this year. Since 2011 I’ve been using phones and tablets creatively for photography and video … shooting, editing and sharing… all on, and from, my mobile phone and tablet.

Since 2018 (when I started counting) over 1000 people have been through #MadeOnAMobile and that number climbs every month. So don’t get left behind, take the opportunity to join the mobile revolution!

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