a variety of head shots from the interviews described in the blog text


In a word… “interviews”!
Last week was practically back to back interviews… 

It started on Monday with shopkeepers in Stobswell, a suburb of the City of Dundee. This short film for the community council will be shared with the community and local council to gather ideas and encourage improvements in the local area.

The second (and main) project I was working on last week was “The Cancer Tapestry” shoot. This short documentary (funded by Macmillan Cancer Support) about the work of artist Andrew Crummy, also took me into Dundee (Monday), then down to the south side of Glasgow (Tuesday) and across to Craigmillar in Edinburgh (Wednesday). I spoke to two senior doctors, a local historian and a stitcher… all deeply involved and invested in Andrew Crummy’s work and specifically the Cancer Tapestry.

On Thursday I was heading further north to Banff and on my way through Dundee (again) I squeezed in a chat with Russell Pepper, founder of Open Close Dundee (who’s since completed his PhD, which makes him Dr Pepper). 
It was five years last weekend since my “Open Close Movie” documentary was screened at Dundee Contemporary Arts and I was struck by how much has happened since then… many of Russell’s 20 year goals have already been met, despite half of the last five years being shrouded in COVID!

My final (and highly anticipated) stop for Thursday and Friday was spent with some of Bill Forsyth’s “Local Hero” cast in Pennan and Banff for Cinetopia’s “Cinescapes outdoor screenings”.
13 year old me NEVER would have believed that 40 years on I would be following the cast around the village of Pennan (Furness in the film) and capturing two Q&As hosted at Fairmont Banff Springs and an outdoor screening at Banff Castle. Thanks to Amanda Rogers and the team… it’s a huge logistical headache to run these events, along with a disproportionate amount stress… but what an event! Very special and incredibly memorable for all involved!

I’m blessed to do this work — such a variety of people, locations and purpose… i just have to edit it all!


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