IRN BRU Vs Iron Maiden

IRN BRU Vs Iron Maiden

Real-time marketing’s the thing just now isn’t it..?!

Real-time marketing is marketing “on-the-fly” (which we’re a fan of around here…), brands being deft enough to spot an opportunity and ‘make hay’ within minutes of the sun coming out… or something.

A great example is Oreo a few years ago. The Super Bowl (American football cup final) is already a genuine marketing monster – movie trailers, pop bands performing in the interval – everyone selling themselves to one of the biggest global audiences in the calendar.
In 2013 there was a power outage and the Super Bowl was in darkness. Within minutes Oreo responded with an add online…
Genius eh? Turns out Oreo had a 15 strong team waiting throughout the Super Bowl for any such opportunity. You can read about it on Wired, I’ve included a link below this post…
So this morning I woke, quite excited, because I’m off to see metal icons Iron Maiden in Glasgow this evening. They posted this on their Instagram page last night:
They know how to fire up the Scottish crowd!
So then, look what got delivered to the Hydro this afternoon by Glasgow soft drinks maker AG Barr themselves…
Now that’s responsive! Not a mock up, the actual thing! Hoping to get my hands on one as they’ll not be around for long!
Time will tell as to whether the stunt will go viral or be worth the investment on Barr’s part – maybe they’re just having some fun – whatever, it illustrates how creative and responsive some brands are prepared to be to get noticed.
Mind you, they missed a trick – the small print should say “Maiden Glasgow from girders!”
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Read about the “Oreo Moment” on Wired here

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