Learning Disabilities Design Jam

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Learning Disabilities Design Jam

Is that the best they could say? Watch and judge for yourself…
To me it sounded like, “We’re not there yet but this is a good start”… 

..especially when you pair it with “it’s good to know more is going to be done to support disabled people”.

But when you’re part of a minority who isn’t often included in the most crucial conversations regarding your future can you blame her?

In March 2023 people from across Perth & Kinross gathered to explore ways 
to create better day opportunities for people with Learning Disabilities.

Some taking part are themselves people who use these services –  
the others are people who work in health & social care, third sector and higher education.

In teams they tested and shared ways of working together, designing services that matter to the people who use them.

In this video you’ll hear ‘in their own words’ about the process, what they learned and how they’d like to take their ideas forward…

This film was shot on an iPhone 12 Pro Max and an iPhone XR. Edited on an iPad Pro using LumaFusion.
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