Learning Technology Map 2015

Learning Technology Map 2015


Happy New Year! I’m about to post my thoughts on what was hot (and not) about 2014 culminating in my ‘wide angle’ view… the year in video! (2014 was my year of the #GoPro)

Before I do this Reblog from Julian Stodd is a cracking start to the year thinking about Learning Technology with.

I do of course take issue with the ‘family portrait/GoPro’ point – we have a large family photo in the living room which gets updated every couple of years and new one for this year is likely to be a GoPro shot similar to the one above. It’s not a traditional portrait but then we don’t do traditional portraits.

I love the viewfinding connectivity of the GoPro to my phone (via the GoPro app) and so in terms of connected hardware and accessibility I think the GoPro is amazing for all sorts of photography – family included…

I’ve been following Julian’s tweets and blog for a while (another hottie of 2014 – although that sounds wrong :\) and this is a good introduction to his thang… although I would say learning tech is just one area of many that he discusses so you must explore the blog further…

Here you go…

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