Let’s Go To Work..!

Let’s Go To Work..!

Friday the 30th March was our QR Safari installation date. And what a day it was. One of the warmest days of the year so far and barely a cloud in the deep blue sky.

However, once you get a class of seven year olds anywhere near a main road the weather goes somewhat unnoticed… but don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of fun!

We had been given ‘copies’ of 100 year old photographs of Balmullo by a parent who works in the local library. Part of the process for the children was comparing 100 year old Balmullo with present day Balmullo.
Some areas of the main street are surprisingly similar with the same buildings visible and retaining their original purpose, but others, like the old Balmullo shop, now have a different purpose (here’s an example of one of our videos).

As the ‘guides’ on this Safari, the children’s learning experiences have shaped our trail and what our visitors see. They designed it!
Their Safari provides an opportunity for their audience, ‘the explorers’, to make the same insights and have a similar learning experience, but they can do it whenever they like.

We managed to install 5 of the 12 QR codes. The QR Codes are quite spread out across the village (‘Safari’ means ‘journey’ in Swahili after all!) and, besides, it was nearly lunchtime.

So Balmullo now has a legitimate semi-permanent QR Code Safari – this was our ‘prototype’. The QR Safari will become completely permanent once we secure permissions and funding for completely weather proof QR Codes. Feel free to visit and find our Safari. The notice board outside of the school will feature a code pointing ‘explorers’ in the direction of our Google Safari Map and, from there, how they explore the environment is up to them…

If you become a Balmullo QR Code Explorer please let us know how you got on and maybe let us know what you would like to see in the future… any comments can be added to the site here or directed to the school.

So there is still a little content to be included, but by the end of the Easter holidays our Safari will be fully operational and we’ll maybe have a little launch party – if you’re local look out for more information in the village newsletter.

Have a great Easter Break and enjoy some more pictures of our QR Safari ‘Guides’ setting it up..!
Coming Soon! News on our QR Trail Logo, our Mystery Box scanning session, our Writing Round-a-bout on what we learned and news on the Balmullo QR Safari Official Launch!
QR Trail Photos
This is the first installed QR Code…

No prizes for guessing where this is…

Perfect day for a Safari…

Look out for more of these around the village…

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