Liberating Structures

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Liberating Structures

I was very fortunate to be a part of this event a few weeks ago…

Originally I was contacted to potentially document the day and make a short film. However, having spent time with the team it became clear we had many interests in common and I was happy to simply tag along and do whatever was useful throughout the day.

The workshop was part of FireStarter Festival (#FSF2020). From the website:

“Many people across Scotland are currently lighting their own small fires by exploring genuine, participatory methods of engagement, creating innovative and transformative changes.
Fire Starter Festival (FSF) provides a unique opportunity to share the stories of these fires of change, as well as deepening our knowledge and skills that underpin transformation. It allows people from all aspects of public service to share innovative and creative ways that we are all making a difference to Scotland.”

Liberating Structures – #FSF2020 – City of Edinburgh Methodist Church

Collaborative, participative and creative activities that drive conversations and action. Some of the methods and activities were more familiar to me than others and there’s clearly a rich seam of new ideas from the people driving this moment and so if you’re a facilitator and are involved in designing and running workshops then there’s lots to learn from ‘Liberating Structures’.

So I hope you enjoy the video…
I’m available for capturing and editing films for events and so if you or someone you know needs an event filmed – as well as having a completed film along the lines of what you see below – I can also post images and short clips throughout the day either on my social media channels or through yours, whichever you prefer. Either way you get value for money.

I also have workshops booking right now for March 2020. Go to the events page for info and booking…

Detail of the Liberating Structures principles… scribed by Linda Hunter
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