Local Hero 40!

Local Hero at 40, Youtube thumbnail featuring cast from the film at an outdoor screening in Banff

Local Hero 40!

My 13 year old self would take some convincing to believe this was going to happen! 👇👇👇

A few weeks ago I was fortunate to be part of the Cinetopia team mounting the 40th anniversary celebrations of Bill Forsyth’s Scottish classic “Local Hero”. I first saw Local Hero on TV in 1984 and have loved it ever since.

The celebrations included outdoor screenings (the weather was uncharacteristically amazing) and Q&As in Banff and (drum roll) a Pennan walk-a-bout retracing movie memories with the cast. It was a surreal experience.

Pennan of course (the village of Ferness in the film) is just as big a star, if not bigger, than anyone (or thing) in the film. And I’m including Burt Lancaster.

For context, let me rewind to Spring 2022. I got in touch with friend and author Jonathan Melville. I knew he was close to completing his “making of…” book about Local Hero and so we took a trip up to Pennan and commemorated 40 years of Local Hero being shot by making some short films of our own to promote Jon’s book later in the year.

We were made to feel so welcome by the locals – what a tremendous bunch they are – all as enthusiastic about the film as we are. In particular Local Hero fans need to search out Pennan’s own Fiona McRae and her landscape photography (under the banner of “Focal Hero”)👈

Back to May ’23, we’re back and just as welcome, if not more so!  

Apparently this is what we call work these days – Jonathan’s hosting Q&As with the cast and I’m documenting, thanks to Amanda Rogersand the Cinetopia team producing and managing the events. 

So, that the film below exists at all is incredible to me. It’s a labour of love, over and above the work we did for the celebrations. It’s a memento of why I’ve enjoyed the film so much for so long and being part of the celebration weekend. For others I hope it’s a reason to revisit Local Hero or maybe even discover it.

It includes footage from both trips plus interviews with the cast (thanks Emma Jamieson) including the mighty Tam Dean Burn. He plays Roddy in the film and bizarrely, told me he ‘recognised me’ from a training video I’d made for a college we’ve both worked with..!

Sandra Voe (Mrs Fraser) also deserves extra respect – not only does she make a start turn in Local Hero but also gave birth to two members of “Pulp”. You couldn’t make it up.

Remember, this film was #MadeOnAMobile
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Shot on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. 
I also edited on the same phone (not my iPad).
Arial photography shot on DJI Mavic Mini
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#LumaFusion by LumaTouch
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