Lumafusion 24hr Edit Contest Winner..!

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Lumafusion 24hr Edit Contest Winner..!

This is a nice start to ’22!

LumaFusion is my mobile editing platform of choice… it constantly challenges me to do better. Actually, it literally challenged me to do better!

I had a short film in mind that was going to be week 6 in my personal #AVideoAWeek challenge – #MadeOnAMobile52

“A video a week” was inspired by Cielo, @Storyographist on Instagram – it’s a personal challenge to post 1 film a week – each must be at least 30 seconds long and contain edit ie not be a single shot.

My idea for week six was in the bag.

That was until I saw the a post on Twitter from LumaTouch last Sunday morning. They were hosting a 24hr video editing competition and I couldn’t resist.

There were several edits that were a condition of entry:

1: Use at least three layers of video to create an effect.
2: Use at least three layers of audio to create an effect.
3: A Match Cut. (Cutting between two shots that share visual cues )
4: A Fade. (Eg. fade to black)
5: A J-Cut. (Audio overlaps into following video clip)

I’ll admit I had to look a couple up to refresh my memory as to what they meant…

The idea I had for the film was way more simple. However, to meet the criteria, the LumaTouch contest pushed me towards using split screens, and adding a few sound FX which made all the difference.

It was a tight deadline as Sunday was busy with other commitments and so in the end I had about 6 hours to shoot and edit. And uncharacteristically, I was 6 hours early for the deadline (because of the time difference). That NEVER happens!

So here’s the film – please check out others in the #MadeOnAMobile52 series and remember to subscribe (and click “the bell”) so that you get notified every Thursday/Friday when I post a new film. Remember, they’re all #MadeOnAMobile – which means they’re shot AND edited on a phone or tablet.


Thanks so much to LumaTouch for running the competition – it was a great experience and I recommend that YOU look out for future contests!

Thanks to again LumaTouch, most of all, for producing such amazing software. My Lumafusion journey started in 2019 and “A Perfectly Healthy Situation” which went on to win several accolades in Seattle (FiLMiCFest 2019), Australia (SF3 2022) and Dublin (Smartphone Film Fest 2020).

LumaFusion is currently available on iOS (Apple) and very soon for Android, at which point I look forward to adding it to the repertoire of apps that I can include in #MadeOnAMobile training.

For the latest in updates on LumaFusion visit

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