#MadeOnAMobile @ The National Museum of Scotland

#MadeOnAMobile @ The National Museum of Scotland

2018 hit a high point and it was only March – invited to deliver a #MadeOnAMobile workshop at the National Museum of Scotland!

It’s fair to say I’m a fan boy when it comes to NMS. It’s even in my profile pic on Twitter! The building is stunning, the collection is amazing and entrance is FREE.
My first visit was in 1998 and I’ve been a regular visitor ever since – the kids know it inside out and yet no one ever complains when we suggest ‘another’ visit. We’re due to get across soon to see the new “Rip It UP!” exhibition which charts the Scottish Pop Music scene.
So, back in March I was there to support staff in making videos to promote the exhibition and while also taking their social media audience behind the scenes of the nations largest collection of… “stuff!”
Here’s what they had to say…

So, it’s great to hear that people enjoy the training, but what really matters is when they go away, refine an idea they came up with on the day and the training becomes part of there day-to-day duties… check this out:

And if that wasn’t enough, they even wrote a blog about me… have a read here. 
I couldn’t have been more excited to be working at NMS and it’s doubly as satisfying to see the results of embedding what I taught them into their day-to-day. I’m expecting great things from NMS and really looking forward to delivering more training with their Egyptian Collections team later in the year.
Thanks to  for the cool short of my back:
#MadeOnAMobile NMS – my back


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