Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh


What is #MadeOnAMobile52?

It’s a challenge I set myself to post a new video weekly throughout 2022… 52 videos in all.

I’m 11 weeks in and apart from a 2 day delay this week (due to Covid) I’m keeping on track.

The only rules are:

  1. Must be at least 30 seconds long.
  2. Must be edited… not a single take.

There have been a variety of videos but I’m trying to keep the quality high or try new things… otherwise what’s the point?

Personal highlights for me are:

  1. HNY – fun with the pup down at the beach on New Year’s Day

2. Land Rover Experience Scotland where I got very invested in split screens and

3. Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh – my first workshop behind the scenes for quite some time (due to most sessions being online).

The Royal Botanics video happens to be this week’s video. It was shot in November 2021 on day two of a two part mobile filmmaking workshop (#MadeOnAMobile) with education staff from the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh.

Founded in 1670 and just a mile outside of the city centre, few locations are as ideally suited and have so much to offer a day of filming. 

With 72 acres of plants, pathways and woodland at their disposal my students are prepped and ready to make short films using their smart phones.

Here’s what they had to say about #MadeOnAMobile…

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