Movie Makers – Summer School

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Movie Makers – Summer School

What did you do last summer?

Well, for me it was the Movie Makers Summer Camp at AK Bell Library in Perth, Scotland. Jacobite Clans was the summer exhibition at Perth Museum 2019 and became the focus for three days of learning and making – shooting, editing and sharing stories using a single mobile device. In this case, iPads.
What’s real and what’s fake – it’s so hard to tell..?

The young people were amazing in how they took what they’d been taught about the Jacobites and retold it in their own creative and inventive way…

Digital skills are more important than ever. Creative digital skills even more so because, unlike some administrative skills, they can’t be replicated with Artificial Intelligence – they need the human touch. (Both Nesta and UK Government have published reports confirming this.)  

One of our Movie Makers makes a time-lapse of a drawing…

Mobile video is going to be huge in the education sector… sharing ideas, evidencing project work, enabling storytellers at the heart of an experience to capture and share authentic, meaningful content using devices they are already familiar with.

I’m planning my summer now and so if you’d like a summer camp along the lines of this one then get in touch. One day, two days, three… a week? It’s up to you.

At the end of our three days in Perth we presented our films to family and friends and had a presentation of our Moscars – Mock Oscars 😉

Moscars (mock Oscars)

Mobile devices are amazing and incredibly powerful tools in young people’s hands. However it’s very easy for them to become a substitute for the games console, the laptop or even the TV.

Learning from the Jacobite Clans exhibition
Instead, lets get creative…

Photography, filmmaking, animation, music making, QR treasure hunts… so much is possible. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch.


Jon Gill is an award-winning (and losing) mobile filmmaker with a passion for creativity, collaboration and participation. He runs brand, storytelling and social media workshops including #MadeOnAMobile mobile filmmaking series of masterclasses designed to get you creating your own video content for presentations, the web and social media

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