National Cinema Day

National Cinema Day

I can now add Bo’Ness to Sydney, Ekaterinburg, Dublin, Dundee, Seattle and San Diego. 

These are locations where I’ve had a film screened to a live audience in the last five years. 

I’ve only been present at two of them.

Bo’Ness is particularly special as the Hippodrome (in Bo’Ness) is Scotland’s oldest purpose built cinema… meaning there were buildings before then that were repurposed as cinemas but this one was designed specifically as a movie theatre (by renowned Scottish architect Matthew Steele (1878 – 1937)) opening in 1912.

Today (2 September 2023) is National Cinema Day. Circumstances don’t allow for me to be in a theatre this evening, however, I will share pictures from 18 May 2018 (Dundee Contemporary Arts) and 29 August 2023 (Bo’Ness Hippodrome) where on each of those occasions it was one of my films getting people into theatres… which is a very nice feeling.

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