NEW! Playful Communications stores…

AI mock-up of a Playful Communications high street store

NEW! Playful Communications stores…

NEW #MadeOnAMobile stores… 
..coming to a city near you!

Shoot , edit and share “in store” using your mobile phone or tablet!

• Find the best in mobile filmmaking accessories and apps.
• Learn to create your own mobile photography and video content.
• Create with confidence… or design a plan for us to make the content for you. 

Is this really such a great idea?

It certainly looks appealing… but did you know you can already get all of these services without the need to queue?

I’ll come to you!

Or, if you need a space I’ll source one that’s convenient for your team.

Making your own video content needn’t be a challenge. And I say that with the confidence of someone who does this every day and has:

• been at it for more than a decade.

• a couple of awards, and

• a string of very happy, repeat customers. 

So it would seem that these shop images are not the only thing that’s artificially intelligent.

Forget waiting in line… give me a shout and I’ll come to you.

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