It’s happened!

And I’m sure you were perfectly happy before Wednesday but I was certainly relieved to have scratched a long term itch and publish not one, but two episodes in two days.

Wednesday and Thursday this week was due to be #MoJoFest 2020 which had partnered with The Media Production & Technology Show at London Olympia.

Along with many cancellations this year it wasn’t meant to be.

So it gave me a deadline to get my podcast sorted (some interviews I planned to record in London) and do them over the internet. The sound is variable and needs work. However, if you wait for everything to be perfect you never do anything so here we are.

The two episodes are for two reasons. One, both guests are photographers who have chosen to specialise in mobile phones. The second reason is they have chosen different platforms. Jack Hollingsworth [Ep1] is dyed in the wool Apple. He even got picked up for the #ShotOniPhone promotion that Apple put out.

Tim Bingham on the other hand is a steadfast Android with a knack for capturing poignant and intimate street scenes and portraits. He offers some insight into how he manages this and what’s inspiring him for the future.

The driver behind the podcast is to connect a lay audience with the mobile community. I started using my mobile devices for video 10 year ago. I stumbled across the mobile community five years ago – I’d found my tribe.

Not much appears to have changed over the last five years. The community is growing but it’s still full of professionals – pro photographers, cinematographers, camera operators, directors and journalists. I’d like to help bridge the gaps between today’s specialists and introduce them to the specialists of tomorrow, who maybe don’t even know this is an option for them yet.

That’s where I was five years ago. Running a handful of workshops here and there, mostly to young people because educators, comms teams, and a variety of other professionals weren’t taking it seriously. And to a greater extent still aren’t.

Maybe it’s time for things to change…

You can find “On The Fly” on Anchor and Spotify – more podcast platforms (eg iTunes) will become available as soon as the podcast is verified.

Anchor – https://anchor.fm/ontheflypodcast

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/show/6sjdjfmtxiZwP0FmjENtEF

iTunes – coming soon

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