Open a scene like Hitchcock

Open a scene like Hitchcock

So you make short films for your organisation?

Maybe you’re part of a comms team or your role includes documenting what you do to share with customers or staff. Where do you go for inspiration? What films can you watch to get ideas for work projects? Is it okay to open your film like Hitchcock?

This article (link below) breaks down how the Master of Suspense sets the scene for Rear Window. It’s the perfect example of how the genre of the film being made doesn’t matter – storytelling is the same no matter what you do.
Putting thought into where you point your camera – the composition, the angle, themovement – are all really important considerations. And the principles are the same no matter what you are capturing – a Hollywood blockbuster, a staff conference or a promo for your business.
And with most videos on social media (the intros at the very least) being watched with the sound off, there’s never been a better reason to mastering visual and silent storytelling. It not only guides your audience but may also encourage them to switch sound on and watch the rest of your film.
Read: Open a Scene like Hitchcock here

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