Open Close Movie pt 2

Jon in front of the poster at his Open Close Movie screening

Open Close Movie pt 2

So it’s five years ago this week that I complete and screened my 60 minute feature length documentary – shot and edited on a single 2018 iPad Pro, 64GB.

The shoot was less than 3 months of working around my day job – meaning most evenings and weekends.

Having a deadline to screen at the local art house cinema (thank you, thank you Dundee Contemporary Arts) was a huge motivation not to take another 3 months… or more.

The learning was that, as I set out to do, it’s possible. 

It’s hard to imagine now but I shot with the native camera, I edited in iMovie (Apple’s free bundled editing app) and the only additional kit I had was a mic, a tripod and a grip, all from Amazon and costing less than £50 in total.

So micro budget doesn’t cover it… it was as close as you could get to zero budget without stealing anything.

The film is now available for FREE on my YouTube channel (embedded below) and I hope you’ll check it out because I believe you’ll be surprised.

Open Close Movie poster

The image above is the poster I got printed up for the screening. 120 people paid £3 each to watch (It still brings a tear…) and (thankfully) I had the presence of mind to get them to sign my poster on their way out. Most people did – some called it “inspiring”, “warm” and “funny”.

But it’s not the wild west any more…

In the last five years the tech has gone through the proverbial roof. Of course you can shoot a movie on a mobile. Very few edit on mobile. On the other hand Journalists across the world are using mobiles to bring in reports and some edit on mobile too.

Today apps like FiLMiCPro for shooting, Lumafusion for editing… the quality just gets better and better. So it’s a great time to be jumping on the wagon and giving it a go… “There’s storytellin’ gold in tham thar hills!”

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