Between February and May 2018 I shot and edited Open Close Movie, my first feature length (45 mins or more) documentary. It was shot and edited entirely on an iPad Pro.

The doc captured the expanding Open/Close Dundee street art project – an initiative to transform hidden and forgotten spaces into an art trail across the city.


With the opening of the V&A Design Museum only a few months away, Open Close Movie explored Dundee’s already thriving creative foundations and it’s new found love for street art.


Open Close Movie was screened on 19 May 2018 to 130 people at Dundee’s DCA cinema and was described as “FUNNY”, “WARM” and “INSPIRING”.


I gave myself the challenge of making a film entirely on a mobile device with no specialist apps or kit other than a budget mic, tripod and the occasional use of a clip-on wide angle lens.


The film also features euphoric tunes donated by Alan Cormack – more below.

Filmmakers like Michel Gondry (Détour for Apple), Steven Soderbergh (UnSane, High Flying Bird) and Sean Baker (Tangerine) have shot short and long form films using the iPhone. However, the rest of production and post-production remained traditional. Open Close Movie was shot and edited on the mobile.

For a limited time you can watch Open Close Movie for FREE here:

For a limited time you can watch Open Close Movie for FREE here:


I couldn’t write about Open Close Movie without mentioning the music because within 5 mins of coming up with the initial brief for making a mobile based documentary I was messaging Alan Cormack.

Alan play’s in a band called Spare Snare. They’ve been recording together for over 20 years. (If John Peel means anything to you then you should know he was a fan, they were at his 50th birthday at Peel Acres and featured in his 1995 Festive Fifty!)

Alan’s also works on solo projects as The Alien Cormorant. While he’s really into experimentation I find his creations to be an incredibly catchy and memorable combination of gritty, thrashy, bubblegum electronica. (Bubblegum Electronica – good name for a band!)

He kindly contributed music for Open Close Movie and I have since commissioned a piece which I’m currently using in my #PlayfulComms shorts.

Listen to Alan talk about his work here

Alan’s a filmmaker himself, so he gets how music works as score, as a bed (background music), as well as being the ‘main feature’. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

So, if you’re looking for a unique piece of music for exclusive use I suggest you get get yourself some Alien Cormorant – find him on Twitter – @AlanCormack and bandcamp at