Perth Posters

Perth Posters

I completed some work several weeks ago for Perth and Kinross Council.
Pamie at Sharp Edge asked me to pick up on some work from some workshops she had been running for PKC focussing on portraits ahead of the Mapplethorpe exhibition. Robert Mapplethorpe was an American photographer, known for his large-scale, highly stylized black and white portraits of still life as well as celebrities such as Patti Smith and Andy Warhol.
A series of workshops with young people from across PKC district produced portraits which I then photographed and put together into these two large format billboard posters to advertise the exhibition. The billboards are now on view at Feus Road traffic lights (by the fire station) and next to the railway station in Perth (Scotland).
All being well I’ll be leading a series of workshops in the New Year for PKC focussing on digital imaging and image manipulation through mobile applications on iPads and desktop software such as Adobe Photoshop.


Debbie Harry by Robert Mapplethorpe

Mapplethorpe runs at Perth Museum & Art Gallery until 27 April 2013.

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