Filmmaking (#MadeOnAMobile)

New for ’22

I’m Jon Gill, I’m a genuine mobile filmmaker. I have been exclusively mobile since 2011. It’s amazing what’s possible with a phone (or tablet).

I make creative content for the web and social media for clients like Scottish Enterprise, V&A Dundee, College Development Network and others.

I also teaching creative mobile filmmaking, taking my daily experience of shooting, editing and sharing mobile video and animation and cram it into a series of workshops called #MadeOnAMobile. I started teaching young people how to be creative since 2011 but it got so easy even the adults wanted in on the action. Now I run classes for comms teams, small businesses and events across the country. I’m also credited with the Mobile Creators Academy run by news room mobile journalism specialists in the UK.

Over the last 10 years the market for mobile filmmaking has changed in every respect – phone cameras have improved massively, there are hundreds of new apps on the market specifically for video capture and editing, and of course the teaching market has grown as more and more people are interested in learning what’s possible with the movie studio they already own – their phone!

#MadeOnAMobile is a continuously developing mobile filmmaking workshop, primarily because I’m constantly updating my knowledge, practice and kit for my day-to-day and passing that learning and development on to my students.

During the pandemic #MadeOnAMobile went online with more students than ever – China, Dublin and across England and Scotland.
Now that things are getting closer to life before the pandemic there’s also a hybrid option which offers additional learning online and enables students to hit he ground running with the face-to-face session.

Learn more about #MadeOnAMobile, including concessionary rates for Public sector, Third sector and Voluntary organisations by getting in touch via the contact page.

You’ll also find more information about the course on the #MadeOnAMobile page.