San Diego just got more classy!

San Diego just got more classy!

This Saturday, on the other side of the planet, my head will fill a full size cinema screen.
Marginally bigger than usual then!

The 7th Smartfone Flick Fest (Sydney, Australia) kicks off on Saturday with it’s Gala Awards and “Working At Home” is amongst the official screenings on the night. If you’re in or around Sydney you can buy tickets to the in-person event or the online red carpet event:

If, like me, you’re no where near Sydney then you can join in the fun online – tickets to join in from Saturday are also available on the website.

As if that wans’t enough, it was announced today (23 February) that “Working At Home” just earned another set of laurels as part of the Official Selection at the International Mobile Film Festival, San Diego California which takes place at the end of April, 2022. Again, tickets for the in-person event go on sale soon, as will the online event which is currently TBC.

Find out more here:

It’s very exciting as both these events are long established mobile film festivals – 7 and 11 years respectively – and so I couldn’t be happier, despite not being able to be at either venue in person.

You can watch the trailer for “Working At Home” below.

Expect to see the short in full streaming for free on my YouTube Channel later in 2022.

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