Schools Design Challenge

Schools Design Challenge

To give some context for this story I need to start with a brief history of me…

Since I left school in 1987 I’ve worked in the creative industries… printer, illustrator, graphic designer and eventually a filmmaker. However, between being a graphic designer (for 10 years) and then a filmmaker I completed a Masters in Design and became a service designer.
The teams share their ideas…

What’s service design? Well, ‘what it says on the tin’ really – using design principles to create better services. So, using the same principles I would have used to design a brochure or website and applying them to services – health services, social services, customer services… anything with a process or system of delivery and someone at the other end using that service or engaging with that process.

So I was privileged to be invited along to the V&A Dundee as a facilitator at the Schools Design Challenge. Using design principles and methodologies, young people from across Scotland gathered at the Design Museum for a “Design Jam” to tackle a range of challenges from spaces to combat social isolation to developing educational robots.

The young people, using a design process/methodology kit supplied by the V&A submitted a proposal that would tackle a particular problem. My group pitched the idea of a social cinema… you can hear more about it in the video.

Have you considered using design as a tool for affecting change and improvement?
It’s creative, participative and collaborative… engaging all interested parties in developing solutions.

Let me know if you would be interested in a collaborative design thinking workshop for young people (or older ones for that matter). I also run mobile filmmaking workshops to help you capture and share your projects… design or otherwise.


Jon Gill is a designer with over 30 years in the creative industries. Currently an award winning mobile filmmaker with a series of mobile filmmaking workshops,
enabling people to create their own video content.

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