Self Shooting

Self Shooting

There are very few people who like to sit in front of a camera but in this social-media-video-driven world it’s becoming more and more necessary.

And speak to any media savvy teen and they’ll tell you that for YouTubers (and the-like) an expensive DSLR camera with a front facing screen is essential. Not so!

Watch the video below where, in under 3 minutes, I share a few top tips for getting the most out of the camera (most) people already own – their phone’s camera.

Beware: this video involves bake beans and big hair (In my defence I shot it during lockdown)!

BTW – If you came here because of the “Slam 23” workshop I just ran, thank you for stopping by and I hope the video is a reasonable summary but remember to consult the Slam 23 rules and guidance later this month.

Remember, if any of you are interested in more than just shooting and you’d also like a taste of editing on your phone or tablet (Apple or Android) then remember and check out the recent blog post about the FREE taster session I’m hosting in just one week from now… Tuesday 6 December at 0930AM GMT – all welcome, please sign up for full details: FREE #MadeOnAMobile Taster workshop

All the best with your self shooting!

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