Story Tasters

Story Tasters

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“Eve reads from ‘Dexter’s Dinosaurs’ by Michaela Morgan – chapter four.
Eve is in P3 and loves reading aloud. Listen to this story taster to decide if you would like to read the book for yourself!”

This is one of the ways in which I have been using AudioBoo with my daughter to encourage her current love of reading. She loves reading aloud and puts as much as she can into the expression and feeling… she’s a proper little storyteller!
I ran the idea past some Primary Educators and it was pointed out to me that this tool provides the ‘audience’ and ‘purpose’ elements that encourage participation. Part of the reason for pursuing this project was because I had noticed that Eve upped her game as soon as she new she was being recorded. Just as you might hold something back ‘for the night’, then she lets fly when she knows there is a potential for many others to listen. Especially as AudioBoo rated our first effort as a ‘staff favourite’ and we got more than 400 listens in 30mins!
So, get your kids to listen, get them to record, get them to share. Then, in a few years reminisce as you listen to your kids read to you from their pre-teen years and maybe even to their own kids. Let me know how you get on.

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