The 150th Open in 3 words

Image of Open Golf Championship featuring George Gregan

The 150th Open in 3 words

150th Open Golf Championship St Andrews

#MadeOnAMobile52 [Week 29]

2022 is the Scottish Year of Stories and they don’t come much bigger than the Open Golf Championship hosted this year a few minutes from where I’m sat, in St Andrews.

290,000 people were estimated to attend over the week – the largest attendance ever for the OPEN – and for good reason… this was the historic 150th competition!  

Lets skip over the fact that I dodged most of the chaos on a beach 600 miles away in Devon… however I DID get back in time to spend a few hours on Sunday afternoon (the final day of the championship) to capture reactions from the good people of the globe…

“Three Words” is one of my favourite ‘reaction’ questions.

First off, it’s deceptively undemanding of the interviewee. I say deceptively because brevity, for anyone, is usually a challenge and generally leads to some laughs.

Secondly it does call for much more than a few seconds – and when your target running time is around 2 minutes then a few seconds per person is plenty.

However, that’s to to say that it can’t lead into other questions if something interesting presents itself and so it works for me like an ice-breaker.

When it comes to the edit having a bunch of words to draw from provides lots of creative options – you don’t have to use all three from every person for example. If lots of people use the same word then either use one or use them all for emphasis. Sometimes you can string a few together to form a short sentence or even chop words down into syllables and use sections from different individuals.

So if you have an opportunity to document an event I challenge you to give it a go.

For now, have a listen to the golfing admirers of the world and what they had to say about “Open 150”!

BTW – This film was #MadeOnAMobile
It was shot and edited (in Lumafusion by LumaTouch) entirely on an iPhone 12 Prom Max with sound captured by the amazing Sennheiser MKE400 microphone.

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