The 7 inch celebration starts here…

The 7 inch celebration starts here…

Audio File is an idea I’ve had parked for more than five years. Yesterday I saw it become a reality.


I’ve been a (paid) designer of one sort or another since 1988 (nearly 30 years maths fans) and yet seeing my work in print never fails to excite. Yesterday I had the opportunity, not only seeing (and filming) one of my designs be transferred to a favourite medium – the tshirt (and yes, I am still a medium) – but my 10 year old son was given a go at printing one of them too. So thanks to Graham at TayPrint, Dundee.

The design is both a celebration of the 7 inch single (I was 45 this year – 45rpm) and a reflection of how digital and the MP3 has impacted on the music industry. The centre of the design is the wave form which, just in case anyone is unclear, is unique to the song title on the shirt. Each song has it’s own t-shirt colour and will only be printed in that colour. Series one consists of Paranoid Android (1997) in blue, Seven Nation Army (2003) in red (natch) and Rock and Roll (1971)** in olive. It’s hoped that more series will follow so if you have a favourite 7 inch that you’d like to see on an Audio File shirt send me or Assai your ideas.
I hope their are some Audiophiles (see what I did?) out there as geeky and excited about these shirts as I am. You’ll find more images and where to buy online using #AudioFileTees
The shirts will be available (very) soon, exclusively through Assai Records without whom the shirts wouldn’t exist (thank you Keith). You can find the Assai shop in Broughty Ferry, Dundee – they’re also online at
**For the nerds, I know Rock and Roll was never a single in the UK, however it was in the US (and elsewhere) in 1972. As 1971 is the year of my birth and the year the song first became available as an album track, that’s the date I’ve gone for.
You can watch the shirts being printed here:

More to follow soon…

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