The Alien Cormorant and the SuperFly

The Alien Cormorant and the SuperFly

This is part one in an ongoing series of short films (140 secs) about creatives –  what they do and how they do it – called #SuperFlyOnTheWall

Earlier this year I made a feature length documentary about street art (#OpenCloseMovie). I realised that I knew a lot of people like me, working in their spare time to make things. I knew someone making an album, a podcast, writing a book…

It made me wonder, and want to explore, what drives us? Equally I wanted to celebrate people who make things – either for profit, for satisfaction, or for the good of others.

To some extent these films are for me, an exercise in self-exploration through the minds of fellow creatives. They’re also for you, if making things is important or of interest to you. And I hope they’ll inspire your practice or encourage you to make something of your own.


Alan Cormack – Spare Snare in session at BBC 6Music

Part one is Alan Cormack, member of (John Peel favourites) Spare Snare, who recorded an album this year with Steve Albini (Nirvana, PJ Harvey, Pixies). Alan also takes on commissions (as he did for Open Close Movie) under the moniker of Alien Cormorant.

Part two (posted on Twitter yesterday (@OnTheSuperFly)) will follow here (and on LinkedIn) in December and features Monty Nero, comic creator and Kickstarter king.

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