Andrew Crummy and the Cancer Tapestry

Andrew Crummy and the Cancer Tapestry

Following a life changing throat cancer diagnosis in 2017 Andrew Crummy made a commitment to, arguably, his most personal and resonant work yet – The Cancer Tapestry – the people’s story of cancer.

The Edinburgh based community artist was born in Craigmillar where his mother Helen Crummy was a community activist and founder of the Craigmillar Festival Society. The apple hasn’t rolled far from the tree and the common denominator across most of Andrew’s work – murals, illustration, sculpture and painting – is people.

Andrew Crummy – April 2022

Not only that, but while Andrew co-ordinates and designs a significant part of the project he’s incredibly willing to pass it on to others to complete… through the stitching but also the design – he always leaves room for people to put themselves into work.

And so the Cancer Tapestry isn’t simply a document of the cancer experience – although that would be enough – it’s a talking point, it’s cathartic and it’s theraputic and it’s bringing people together. People who have cancer. People who care for someone with cancer and of course those who have lost someone to cancer.

I’m hoping to document the journey of the Cancer Tapestry. To raise awareness of it and to celebrate it – part artwork, part community project, part historic document.

And while I expect to contribute my own time and resources to it I am also looking to raise funds to cover some of the production time and expenses so that I can commit quality time it and raise awareness of it in real time.

I’ve created a teaser from my first meeting with Andrew at his studio.

If you have an interest in supporting or even just seeing more of the project then please let me know in the comments.

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