This is why you listen to your customers…

Tag line quote for MadeOnAMobile

This is why you listen to your customers…

I have long advocated for engaging with and listening to customers.

Maybe customer isn’t the right word… for you it might be audience, viewers, clients, community… whoever’s the end recipient of whatever you do… speak to them, ask them questions and listen.

And it should go without saying that the process of listening involves action… acting on what you are told. Not blindly, but thoughtfully, through research and exploration.

If you read the previous post to this you’ll have seen that I did some mobile filmmaking with education staff from The Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh.

I shared a survey with them after the workshop to get some feedback. In amongst the feedback I also asked if they had any quotes they’d be happy for me to share. What I didn’t expect was the most concise and accurate explanation of what #MadeOnAMobile is…

Tag line quote for MadeOnAMobile

“A confidence building introduction to both the art and technical aspects of making short films.”

The only slight inaccuracy is that what I teach applies to short and feature films. But I’ll take it!

Customers often see things in our offering, in our value, that we’re too close to see. Therefore, when building any kind of brand it always makes sense to speak to your customers. What do THEY like about what you do? Maybe you’re missing something, taking something for granted, that actually makes all the difference to them.

It may just be that they’re able to make sense of what you do more articulately than you do!

Thank you RBGE!

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