What does a film that was #MadeOnAMobile look like?

What does a film that was #MadeOnAMobile look like?

So, if you make a film on a mobile phone or a tablet, what does it look like? Is it obvious? Is it low quality? Does it look un-professional?
I’m going to let you judge for yourself…
Here’s are a few I made in June at CollegeExpo19 for the College Development Network.


How’s it done?

Well, my mobile set up changes every six months or so but at the moment I’m capturing mostly (as in the picture above) on an iPhone XR with the support from an iPad Pro.
For capturing I use the Filmic Pro camera app – this is what people like Steven Soderbergh used for making pro movie productions on a mobile. It’s available in the Apple and Google Play store for about £17. I also use additional apps for particular effects – iMotion for timelapse and stop motion, Blendeo for adding motion blur to clips.
For sound I was using a Shure MV88+ microphone. This is a great all-rounder. It can be mounted on top of my Padcaster Verse frame so that I don’t have to keep mic-ing people up – saving time and inconvenience for people. I can also monitor sound directly from the camera which means I know what I’m recording while I’m recording it – total peace of mind!

Find links to kit I use/have used here



I edit on my phone or transfer clips to my iPad for editing bigger projects. I rarely edit on my laptop now – on the fly is the way to be. I mostly use iMovie – it has pretty much everything you need and nothing more which is great for short films that I want to share quickly. I’m very keen to get into LumaFusion – I know a lot of people who use it but I know that all of those additional features are going to be hard to resist and add more time to my editing process.


For branded #PlayfulComms clips I use music supplied to me by The Alien Cormorant (@AlanCormack on Twitter) – a local musician who contributed music to my documentary #OpenCloseMovie and I’ve since commissioned a piece which I use on my short films. For the College Development Network I wanted something that people wouldn’t have heard elsewhere so I made the music for these films in GarageBand using existing loops and added a few chords. It’s the second best way to getting something unique – the best way being The Alien Cormorant!

Making a film of your own

I’m an advocate of people making their own films. Sometimes that involves me delivering training or I can be there to help you through the process and, effectively, you learn on the job.
I also make films for people, as I did here for the College Development Network so if you would like a PlayfulComms production for your event or would like me to help you promote a product, process or passion, then please get in touch.
If you’d like to learn how to do this for yourself then look out for MadeOnAMobile filmmaking workshops coming in August and beyond.


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